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  1. In your capacity, by following all precautions to combat COVID-19
  2. You must wear a mask all the time. The mask can be lowered when doing strenuous physical exercises.
  3. Commit to social distancing – keep a distance of two meters from others.
  4. Use a system to reserve your entry to the gym. You are requested to obtain a telephone reception. You are requested to make a reservation when you arrive at your reservation.


  1. Starting installments refers to the installments of the purchase premiums.
  2. All new memberships are subject to the administration cities. The administration reserves the right to refuse any membership application in the gym for any reason and at its absolute discretion.
  3. Your membership begins immediately (or at the opening of the gym in the case of a pre-order for membership).
  4. This page becomes posters for you and us and you will have rights and privileges available for the type of membership chosen by you.
  5. Governance of the United Arab Emirates Terms and Conditions, regardless of conflict of laws laws. Court of Judgment Court of Judiciary


  1. Do exercise. This aerobic exercise.
  2. Medical condition or other problems such as open cuts, scrapes, or other problems.
  3. The Member may not use any of the Energy Gym EMS facilities while suffering from any injury, contagious disease, medical condition or other health problems such as open wounds, scrapes, open sores or minor infections, where there is a risk that such The use is detrimental to the health, safety, comfort or physical condition of other members.
  4. Before using any of the Energy Gym EMS facilities, the member or visitor must read and confirm his agreement to the member’s medical disclosure form.
  5. If the member is taking medications and is aware of a health condition he suffers from and that may affect his participation in exercise, he is required in this case to submit a certificate from a doctor.


  1. All advertised membership fees, fees and other costs include any applicable taxes (such as value added tax). Energy Gem EMS Tax Registration Number is and applies to all fees charged by Energy Gem EMS as per the terms and conditions set out here. The VAT invoice for any monthly memberships, fees or other costs will be available and you can collect it at the gym reception desk.
  2. During certain periods of special offers (eg, pre-opening), the management of Energy Gym EMS may choose at its sole discretion to cancel or reduce the subscription fee.
  3. If any unpaid monthly payment is returned or an unpaid check is returned or if any other form of payment is not complied with for any reason, and if, although we have notified you of an overdue payment, you are overdue in payments Other, we reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to suspend or terminate your membership. If you have more than 30 days’ arrears on a monthly payment due and you are a fixed term member, we reserve the right to bill you immediately upon the expiry of the 30-day grace period for the remaining contract value without any prior notice.
  4. You are obligated to pay all payments received in your selected membership. You are also obligated to pay each late payment regardless of no-show, except where the cancellation conditions below are met.
  5. You agree to notify us immediately of any change to the membership details provided to us.
  6. You agree to keep a copy of transaction records and are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account.


  1. The subscription fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  2. Membership can be transferred to any person of the first degree after approval and through Energy Gym EMS.

Membership Freeze

  1. Temporary illness or injury: This agreement can be suspended for a minimum period of 1 month or a maximum of 3 months in the event of a temporary illness, injury or medical condition which, in accordance with the advice of a physician or other qualified medical practitioner, prohibits exercise for a certain period of time.
  2. Please note – any freezing process will not be valid until appropriate proof is provided. After the membership freeze comes into effect, you will not have access to our facilities until the time the freeze period has expired.
  3. Please note – any freezing period will not affect the minimum number of recurring monthly payments due and any payments remaining at the time of freezing will remain payable and re-collected on a monthly basis after the freezing period is completed. (The freezing request must be submitted 14 working days before the recurring monthly payment is due, and if the date of submitting the request is very close to the recurring payment date, the due payment will not be frozen)


  1. As part of the process of completing your membership and creating your profile, we may collect certain personal information about you, including your personal data and information about your health and personality. We will use this information for purposes including administering your membership and communicating with you. You are responsible for keeping your personal information up-to-date and for notifying us of any significant changes to it.
  2. . We limit the processing and use of your personal information to only our employees and management team who can from time to time request it to be used for marketing and other services. In addition, and from time to time, we may need to provide your personal information to third parties such as legal entities, our group companies or professional advisors.
  3. We may also provide your contact information to our business partners and third parties who may contact you about their products and services. Please let us know during the registration process if you do not wish to receive such information.
  4. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about how we use or store your personal information or if you wish to exercise your right to access, modify, object to its use or request deletion of your personal information.
  5. We reserve the right to take pictures of our facilities (which may include you, provided your inclusion is incidental) for press and promotional purposes.
  6. We will try to use any means of communication we consider appropriate to provide you with information about the Gym to ensure that we provide you with the best experience, and we assume that the information you provide is correct and an acceptable way to provide you with such information.
  7. As a member of Energy Game EMS, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the terms of this paragraph and that you consent to the manner in which we collect, use, process and disclose your personal information as described above.


  1. All members and visitors participating in an exercise are required to accept our “Member Medical Disclosure Form” upon registration and prior to the start of any gym workout.
  2. Members shall be considerate of other members by using their own exercise towels when using any of the sports equipment.
  3. Members are required to return all portable sports equipment to its designated racks and stands.
  4. Members who are unsure about the use of any sports equipment should consult with a member of the club’s staff.
  5. Fitness trainers and members of the Energy Gym EMS team are permitted to prevent a person from exercising if they believe that the member or guest is exercising in a way that could lead to personal injury or injury to others. Users must follow the directions of the gym coaches.
  6. Although all precautions are taken to maintain safety standards, use of all equipment and facilities is the sole responsibility of members or guests. Any equipment failure should be reported to a member of staff as soon as it is noticed.
  7. We reserve the right to close any part of the building or withdraw equipment for necessary repairs or maintenance. Advance notice will be given where possible to avoid inconvenience.
  8. For safety purposes, please use plastic bottles with sports caps for beverages where permitted.
  9. . For safety and hygiene purposes, eating is not permitted in any non-designated areas.
  10. Members or guests may not use the facilities while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that affect consciousness.
  11. Your use of nutritional supplements is up to your complete personal decision and you bear all the side effects, if any.


  1. All members are required to wear appropriate sports clothing when exercising and to wear modest clothing when exercising. Short workout shirts that expose the torso and abdomen, ripped clothing, jeans and denim shorts are strictly not permitted.
  2. Sneakers with rubber heels that don’t leave traces are required to be worn at all times inside the gym
  3. Members shall maintain modest and appropriate dress at all times, including in the dressing areas.
  4. Nudity is strictly not permitted and members are required to use the private and provided dressing rooms.


  1. The membership amount is non-refundable, and membership can be transferred to any person of the first degree of kinship


  1. Members and guests must treat EMS Energy Gym facilities and each other with respect, and failure to do so will be considered a clear violation of the Membership Terms and may result in the loss of membership.
  2. No threat, intimidation or abusive behavior towards any members of the gym staff will be tolerated. In the event of such incidents, the violator’s membership will be suspended immediately and all future payments will be promptly collected.
  3. We reserve the right to deny access to or use of the facilities by any person who is deemed to be behaving in an inappropriate or unacceptable manner, in the discretion of the management of Energy Gym EMS.
  4. Out of consideration for others, gym equipment must be wiped clean by members after use, and all equipment must be returned to its proper place.
  5. Any hostile or abusive behavior will result in the immediate expulsion of the member or guest from the gym and the cancellation of his membership.
  6. Energy Game EMS social media platforms aim to create a community, facilitate communication and provide a forum for expressing opinions and suggestions. Offending Posts, including any content judged by our management in its sole discretion to be inappropriate, may be subject to corrective actions, including removal of the offending Posts, access bans, and termination of membership due to intolerable misconduct.
  7. To maintain personal hygiene is mandatory, and any member who causes an abusive act in this regard will be required to correct the offending problem or leave the gym and membership may be canceled at the discretion of Energy Gym EMS management.


  1. The administration accepts no responsibility for theft or damage to members’ personal belongings kept in lockers or for any other reason whatsoever.
  2. The use of cell phones with a camera or any other type of video recording equipment is strictly prohibited in the locker rooms, and members are requested to ensure that no one else is offended when such equipment is used within our facility.
  3. The normal business hours are as they appear on the entrance to the gym and on the notice board. Management reserves the right to adjust business hours for cleaning, interior decoration, maintenance, special activities and holidays.

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