ENERGY GYM EMS is different

We are different. ENERGY GYM  EMS  gym builds your body and trains your mind to make fitness a way of life and not just a daily routine.

  • Trainers

    An elite group of highly skilled and experienced coaches, who hold the highest certificates in the sports field, have been selected.

  • Equipment

    We use several different training devices and tools to help develop athletic performance, in addition to electrical muscle stimulation training.

  • Booking

    Book training appointments
    We provide our valued customers with the feature of pre-booking appointments, which helps in continuity and saving time.

  • Membership

    We offer several different selections of memberships to suit all needs.


Our goal is to raise awareness of sports activity and its importance to the health of the individual, through a modern and advanced training method that meets the needs of different people.
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Trainers at the highest level of experience

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