History of EMS – Everything You Need to Know about EMS Training

By ENERGY GYM EMS on March 24, 2022
EMS Training

Everyone wants to work out for less time but get an amazing result. This seemed like a dream till yesterday. But today, this can be a reality. Due to the interesting and futuristic style of EMS or electro muscle stimulation. This has gained an immense amount of popularity. And as a result of these effective workouts, EMS Training studios are also popping up throughout Abu Dhabi.

When you do this EMS training, you will be required to wear a suit with built-in electrodes that will stimulate and target particular muscles while exercising. Instructors claim that it will give you serious results in a time span of 15 to 20 minutes. In order to understand if this too good to be true workout regime is actually worth a shot or not, you have to know about the history of EMS.

What is EMS?

Electro or eclectic muscle stimulation is EMS. While doing this workout, you have to wear a suit fitted with electrodes, positioned along your major muscles, over your light workout wear. Some EMS studios might also offer you wireless suits that will run on low voltage battery, whereas others might provide wires which hook the suit to a control panel.

Basically, what happens is as you go ahead with your exercises. The body experiences little sensations because the electric current contracts the targeted muscles. It should not cause any hurt but you might feel strange in the beginning because the muscles will be contracting immediately.

EMS is the delivery of small electric pulses to your muscles while working out. These contractions imitate the natural muscle contractions of the body after brain stimulation in order to boost the intensity of the training. This practice focuses on fortifying the strength of the muscles further.

You can get the result of a 90-minute workout in just 15-20 minutes with EMS Training. The impact of your squats and lunges is more intensified in this kind of practice. The normal effects of regular circuit training on the body will be twice or thrice when you are connecting to an EMS machine. Weight loss and muscle toning can be heavily sped up with this integration as the EMS machine doubles the intensity of the workout training.

This technique is relatively new but it has already been practiced for many years now by physical therapists. The EMS machines can be used to increase the blood flow to an area. It also enhances the reduction in muscle damage in any injury.

EMS training is consider as the future of fitness. But it trace back to many centuries back when electricity was use in therapies. Dr. Kratzstein wrote a book in 1947 on electric therapy for muscles. In the 1800s, a scientist from Italy, Luigi Galvani experimented with the stimulation of muscles with frog legs and in response to this. Michael Faraday, a physicist started the Faradization technique for treating paralysis in humans. 

In 1970s, Kots of Russia declared they used EMS training on their athletes in the Olympics, showing a muscle gain of up to 40%. Coming to the 1990s, technology underwent a solid evolution and millions of users started practicing this technique. There are over 6000 EMS studios in Europe alone.

The Science behind EMS

There has been limited studies regarding EMS training and therefore, it can be a little hard to understand if EMS is 100% effective in boosting the results you need. But there were some studies that found that it did increase strength in healthy humans slightly. That is why this is consider as one of the proven methods of strength training being one of the useful methods of meeting your fitness goals. Hence, there is no harm in trying this practice if you have interest in maximizing your training efforts.


EMS Gyms

Nowadays, there are several EMS studios out there like Energy Gyms EMS. You should always workout EMS training under the supervision of a specialized and certified trainer. By doing this, the usage and exposure of the EMS machine will be in moderation. It will also be a hands-on guide for reaping the maximum benefits.

Regular exercises will stimulate the fast twitch muscles and will allow to achieve faster results. From your workout even under a light load because it will work both fast-twitch and slow muscles. You will be able to cut down on your gym routines with this EMS practice without hampering the efficiency of the results you need in your body. This will save a lot of time which can devote elsewhere.

Results you can expect

The EMS practice will ensure you get into a high metabolic state, allowing you to sculpt and tone your body. By including the stubborn areas such as the hips, waist, and your thighs. It will also improve your muscle strength and endurance. Try the EMS training for 20 or 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week for visible results.

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